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Job Description vs Appraisal Factors

Job Description vs Appraisal Factors

In a well-managed, employee-wise company, the performance appraisal system is the single most necessary tool that management have to motivate and mobilize their staff in order to achieve their planned strategic goals together as a team. No longer do staff work in isolation and tip-toe around managers and Chief Executive Officers. Businesses have become far more employee-friendly than years gone by, and their contribution and performance standards are measured and recognized with the performance appraisal method.

At least once a year an employee undergoes a Performance appraisal so that the employee and the manager can see how he has improved in some areas and might need more training in others. Usually when an employee accepts a position within a company, a Job Description is given to him so that he knows exactly what he is expected to achieve. A company like Holland Resource can set up an organization in the correct procedures for defining Job Descriptions and then conducting Performance Appraisals. Should there be areas in which the employee requires more training or perhaps needs

A comprehensive course on leadership development, then Holland Resource are the people to contact.

Factors affecting a performance appraisal can be things such as critical job tasks, direct responsibilities – taking into account overall performance since the last Appraisal – as well as any new skills mastered and any area in which performance has dropped. Any unacceptable behavior or continually arriving late for work is also taken into account. At the same time, working overtime and going the extra mile is also noted. The employee’s attitude is important and should they be eager to learn and get ahead, then more time needs to be scheduled on the career development of this employee. This is where the manager’s performance management skills come into play.

By implementing a performance appraisal system that fits with your company is a job that Holland Resource can easily carry out. Rewarding employees as well as identifying and retaining talented individuals is all part of the appraisal process.

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