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Leading Organizational Change to Recover From Failure

Leading Organizational Change to Recover From Failure

Leading change is part and parcel of any organization’s performance, as is the management of employees’ performance. If the organization is floundering because of bad decisions, lack of planning, little or no team building, then there is certainly room for improvement.   A lack of all round performance indicates that something is seriously wrong within the company. Clearly there is something in the company that needs to be changed or improved in order to retain market position and qualified staff.

Failure is undesirable for a company or an individual, and it will certainly get the gossip-mongers on the band-wagon!  Effective leaders avoid these labels through effective organizational change initiatives to recover from a failure or a set-back.

Achieving success is so important in the materialistic world we all live in and it is easy to feel depressed and unmotivated. Always remember however, “Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.” Ralph Waldo Emerson (

Have you survived a recent crisis or have you just plain given up?

Too many managers, when faced with a new challenge, are thinking about what’s going to go wrong and how it can fail.  Or how their situation is unique this new initiative will not work for me! 

There is a direct link between the way we think and the way we behave. The key to leadership success is to develop a positive attitude that is instinctively reflected in all your communications with others.

It’s estimated that up to 95% of our basic personality is formed before the age of five. Yet William James, the father of American psychology, said, “The greatest discovery of the twentieth century is the fact that a human being has the ability to change his attitude.”

Negative attitudes are LEARNED BEHAVIOR and negative attitude can be changed through a structured leadership development program.  The Holland Resource leadership development programs help you make that change.

  • Learn how to overcome all your ingrained negative thoughts.
  • Develop a positive attitude that brings an entirely new view of how to approach and solve problems.
  • Expand your mind and open it to new ideas and new possibilities of success.
  • Watch your positive attitude affect the energy, enthusiasm and productivity of those you lead.

When a business is down and out, remember how much was learned on the way down.  Then lay out a course of action to lead organizational change and RISE UP from the failure.

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Have you survived a recent crisis or have you just plain given up?