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Let’s Get Aquainted…

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Dan Holland, Author

Hi, I’m Dan Holland and I can help you accelerate growth and create value for your organization. How? Well that depends on the circumstances. And that’s where my work experience comes into play.

I’m a specialist in streamlining processes and organizational restructuring. With over 30 years experience as a management consultant, I have consulted with many organizations including Sears, Avon, Wal-Mart, Izod Lacoste, V F Corporation, and the Human Resource Agencies of Tennessee.

I have learned that there are three critical elements to building and maintaining business success: a sound strategy, great leadership, and the ability to adapt in a changing global marketplace.

I believe that we each have an area of expertise. I believe that we have individual talents or gifts. My talent happens to be developing innovative solutions to improve organizations and processes. I built my career on this talent.

Knowing where to Strike!

There is a very old story told about a business that depended on a special piece of equipment. And, as it happens, this equipment stopped working. In a panic, the business owner called in an “expert” to repair the equipment. The repairman arrived, examined the equipment, selected a large hammer from his toolbox, and smashed the side panel of the equipment. SUCCESS! Immediately the equipment began to work. The owner was ecstatic.

Days later, the business received an invoice – $50,000 for services rendered. Outraged, the owner contacted the repairman and demanded an itemized bill. Shortly, the business received an envelope from the repairman. Inside was a single sheet of paper with two line items.

  1. Striking the equipment – $10.00
  2. Knowing where to strike – $49,990.00

Now there must be many variations of this story told to illustrate the value of knowledge and experience. And this is true. Whenever possible, hire a professional.

If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait till you hire an amateur. ~Red Adair

Childhood Influences

horsesI grew up on a farm in rural West Tennessee. My childhood taught me the value of hard work and dependability. Each family member had specific chores. We learned the importance of responsibility and the value of teamwork.

But just as important, we learned how to improvise – how to figure things out – how to get the job done with the (sometimes limited) tools at hand. In other words – we learned where to Strike!

Early Work Experiences

My first “real” job was at a local corner grocery store. I worked part-time stocking shelves and delivering packages. This was in the day of full-service. I learned that the customer is always right – even when they’re wrong. I learned the importance of relationships, product selection, and customer service.

I believe that everyone can benefit from work experience where you MUST satisfy the customer.

Learning About Innovative Solutions and Best Practices

I learned process improvement and efficiencies working in the apparel industry. This was during the decline of US manufacturing. We scrutinized everything.

I learned how even the smallest improvement can significantly affect the bottom line – especially in a high volume environment.

Present Day

After several years as a management consultant, I started my own company in the mid ’90s. I’m located in Hendersonville, Tennessee – just north of Nashville.

My experience includes practical hands-on application of the ideas and solutions I discuss in my blog. I’ve personally guided many large projects to implement best practices and streamline processes. I know the pain and the rewards of drastic change. My work and my writing reflects my experiences.

~ Dan Holland