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Organizational Change Begins With A Vision

Organizational Change Begins With A Vision

“The very essence of leadership is [that] you have a vision. It’s got to be a vision you articulate clearly and forcefully on every occasion. You can’t blow an uncertain trumpet.” Theodore Martin Hesburgh (born 1917) was an activist American Catholic priest who was president of Notre Dame, 1952-1987. What a truthful quote this is – if one does not know where one is going, then how can a company become successful? One would never know if one reached a destination.

Developing a vision is the key to a profitable, winning business. If the company is restructured, staff are trained, employees are motivated, and strategic planning is up to date, then you can have a vision! Leading change internally can be successfully planned and carried out by a visionary leader. Lots of these leaders become champions. These are the people who take the lead at home and at the office. They make sure that each and every member of their team knows what his or her role is. This way, when the chips are down, everyone has a clear cut view of what to do.

There is no question that Martin Luther King had a vision.  Having a vision allows the leader to visualize himself in that moment in time doing that job, having that holiday, or driving that car. Visualization is a key principle in all writings about positive thinking. A route can be mapped out to focus on management training so each and every staff member is on the same page. Holland Resource has qualified team members who can show the importance of not getting caught up with short term goals – always focus on the bigger picture. True leadership also provides employees with a view of the end goal which turns out to be that all important company goal of achieving success.

Does the company you work for have a vision? Are the staff energized to perform at their best? Is there some positive passion for the job emanating from the employees? If not, the organization needs help from Holland Resource.

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