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Organizational Change through Technology

Organizational Change through Technology

Organizational change experts know that you must look at your company right side up and up side down to find and pinpoint which departments and operations can be improved, redesigned or changed. Technology is one of those areas that is absolutely essential to the perfect organization of every company. It affects all the important relationships internally with employees and externally with customers, suppliers, and investors.

Team Building with employees is always a major component of any company reshuffle, as is decision-making in the top echelons of the business. But with today’s technological advancements, one has to keep at the top of one’s technology game. Using the best available technology for organizational change can help your company make its mark and achieve its highest capacity.

It was only 30 years ago when computers became the latest “big boy’s toy”. In addition, something called ‘globalization’ occurred along the way, and if one is not au fait with these two major developments – then one has a couple of HUGE decision making issues to tackle! Email was still only starting to happen in high tech firms – and was something most people had never heard of.

And slowly those glitterati in the know started out on their own professional development – Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos – who in particular “observed that Internet usage was increasing by 2300 percent a year. He saw an opportunity for a new era of commerce, and immediately began considering the possibilities.. in just 30 days with no advertising, had sold books in all 50 states and 45 foreign countries.” (

Impressive isn’t it? How often does one hear the slogans of technology companies like Compaq – “Inspiration Technology” or Intersil – “Technology at the Speed of Life”?

So, organizational change must include close examination of your technology.  More on this later but meanwhile, let me hear from you.  Where has technology helped you change your organization.  Post a comment or give me a call at 1-615-268-8822.  I’m located in Hendersonville, just outside of Nashville, TN.

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