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Use new technology when leading change.

Use new technology when leading change.

Leading change is difficult.  We become comfortable in our current environment and we resist change.  Often, we need a slight push (or a major shove) to get us started.

Smart leaders learn to use new technology as a catalyst for change.

This is easier now than ever before.  Our society conditions us to expect upgrades  i.e., cell phones, computers, software, and more.  Who could have imagined that we would accept the cost of upgrading to a new cell phone every 12 to 24 months?  And for every member of the family!

Our society now accepts new technology.  Indeed, we eagerly anticipate the release of the latest new “toy”.  Use this to your advantage.  Be alert for new opportunities to lead change in your organization through new technology.

Think past upgrades, REINVENT!

Often when considering new technology, we look for tools that help us streamline our current processes. This is common. Smart leaders think beyond current processes and imagine the future unrestrained by the organization’s current (often outdated) technologies. Focus on results and outcomes, not processes.

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