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Core Values: The Key to a Human Touch in Organizational Change

Core Values: The Key to a Human Touch in Organizational Change

As the world modernizes, effective leaders use organizational change to streamline and minimize work activities and costs.  Where do our basic human needs, values and socialization techniques fit in? Are we not missing something important here in our race to the future? Yes, organizational change is important. Yes, entrepreneurship is important. And without all the soft fuzzy parts that make us human, without the parts of us that are vulnerable, that believe in business networking, building a family, and the American dream – we are nothing.

With this in mind, society and cultures change and shift all the time. People’s belief systems change and adapt to the times they live in. One hundred years ago, paternity leave was unheard of; these days there are very few fathers who miss out on this human experience. The old schools of networking and individual decision making are old fashioned. Nowadays it is said that perception equals reality.  Forward thinking individuals believe in tackling issues from the grassroots level.

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”

This belief in the fundamentals of human behavior, addressing the needs and wants of your staff with employee motivation, and incorporating basic human values into management training and leadership development is all part of effective organizational change.

Every person or organization has inherent creativity, capability, imagination and success. If we begin from this perspective then a new approach to change is possible.” ( leadership-articles-changewithoutresistance). This quote illustrates the possibilities for individual and professional development.

Use Your Core Values to Guide Organizational Change

What’s really important to you – your organization?  What’s really important to the long-term success of your organization?  Your core values are the standards by which you do business.  They represent your philosophy for achieving success.  Your core values may also serve as important guidelines for organizational change.

Our strategic planning process includes a special segment to define core values.  Our clients have identified values such as:honesty, compassion, dedicated, innovative, non-judgmental, and more.

As you examine opportunities to modernize your organization, use your clearly defined core values to guide organizational change.

My company, Holland Resource, shows organizations how to keep ahead of the race in determining current human ethics and values.  This allows organizations to include a human touch and lead the way to organizational change and development.

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