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The Importance of Resilience in Leadership

The Importance of Resilience in Leadership

People envy leaders in the workplace. After all, they may make more money, have a better office, or have more control over what goes on in the workplace. But excellent leadership doesn’t just happen by accident. Leadership development can take years, and leadership duties include having superb communication skills, great decision-making skills, and the ability to see when team members need more information and then supplying it.

But there’s no leader out there who hasn’t made mistakes. The difference between a so-so leader and an excellent leader often comes down to resilience and a willingness to acknowledge mistakes. Team members’ respect for the “perfect” leader won’t last if that leader makes mistakes and refuses to admit them, learn from them, and move forward. But respect for a leader will increase if team members see a leader as talented, but human, and willing to learn from his or her mistakes.

Employee motivation is often a casualty of an environment in which a leader refuses to acknowledge mistakes, or implies that mistakes are the fault of others. Change in the workplace is inevitable, and it can knock even the most seasoned leader off their feet. But leaders who are determined to bounce back after a setback and deal effectively with the changes are the leaders that inspire team loyalty.

Management communication is perhaps the most effective tool for encouraging team cohesiveness and support among team members for their leadership. Employees want to know that they are getting the straight story, and that if their leader is shaken by a change, that he or she will be resilient enough to work with that change and ensure that the team is well informed at all stages.

Resilience is an important quality in a leader, and so is commitment to honest communication with team members. These two qualities are not all that  are required for good leadership, but it is almost impossible to be an effective leader without them.

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