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The Leader’s Vision for Change

The Leader’s Vision for Change

As a leader, you must be a visionary, and you must be well versed in management communication so that you can give your team the coherent, consistent message that the future can continue to bring positive change. You must also be consistent and you must not be a quitter. Nelson Mandela spent nearly 30 years in jail in South Africa, but he never stopped communicating his dream of a peaceful, multi-racial nation. And he amazed the world by becoming President of that nation.

Your leadership development, your insight, and your unique set of skills should be put to work to bring out the best in your team members and help them develop a shared sense of where they as a team are going. You must align your everyday activities with your vision for your organization. You must keep an eye on the horizon, but you must also watch the steps you are taking today. Seeing the vision and thinking strategically is a combination that can bring about changes that can be immensely positive.

On the other hand, your leadership development will suffer if you are not prepared to meet challenges by making changes when necessary. Those changes may be as minor as pulling a worker off a project for a week to work on something else, or it may be as major as revamping a process that is fundamental to the way your team operates. You must be ready to find solutions that address root causes of challenging situations and present real, lasting breakthroughs.

By communicating your clear vision effectively, you can inspire your team members to keep on improving and keep employee motivation high. There is no doubt that words can go a long way toward inspiring people to rise above complacency and call on resources they may not have known they had to meet challenges they may not have thought they could meet. Encouragement for today and vision for tomorrow are two of the main things that you as a team leader must provide in the workplace.

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