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Visionaries: Communicating the Big Picture

Visionaries: Communicating the Big Picture

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When our work organizations undergo changes, it is easy to get lost in the details of the process and forget why we’re undergoing the changes in the first place. Someone – whether it’s the team’s leader, a manager, or a visionary who has been brought in from the outside – must help the team members remember the big picture. Remembering the vision and the reasons for the changes helps team members put aside some of their reluctance or outright fear of organizational change.

For a true paradigm shift to be effective, all team members need to be on board with the changes going on at work. Management communication is essential during this time, because an information vacuum will inevitably fill up with rumors and wild surmises. Team members don’t like to be kept in the dark about organizational change. Having the reasons for change out in the light of day helps team members incorporate the need for change into their own vision of the team and their place in it.

As a team leader, try putting yourself in the place of the various team members. If you have been told that organizational change is imminent, but you haven’t been told why and haven’t been given any details, it is only natural that you would feel that you were being left out for a reason – maybe because you were going to be transferred or worse, fired. Employee motivation always plummets when employees know that change is afoot but do not know what the changes are about or how those changes will affect them.

If the company does not bring in an outside change specialist to help your team make the transition from one way of doing things to a new way, then you will have to accept the role of visionary for yourself. The only way to do this correctly is through frequent, honest communication. Information does more to help team members get on board with change than vague sayings about how the change will be good in the long run. The vision must be clear to all team members if everyone is to successfully come through an organizational or other major change at work.

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